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Anelia Haycock
Anelia Haycock

I fully registered as a Clinical Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board in July 2008.   Since then I have worked in my field of specialisation, which is in child and adolescent mental health services.

I practiced as a Social Worker for five years, which sparked my interest in developing a deeper understanding of human behaviour and relationships.  Upon the completion of my clinical psychology training in South Africa in 2005, I have gained valuable work experience within the public health setting.

In 2017, I extended my role to a part-time private practice, available to provide psychological care for the people in the Cambridge community, as well as the wider Waikato region. I have been working full-time in private practice since 2019.




  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (University of Limpopo, South Africa)
  • BA Social Work (North-West University)


  • New Zealand Psychologists Board (registered in the Clinical Scope)
  • New Zealand Psychological Society

About Anelia

I am passionate about maintaining a relationship focused approach. This enables me to explore, understand and treat the clients’ difficult interaction patterns which tend to keep families and couples trapped. These dissatisfying, conflict based patterns, often result in unmet emotional needs and undesirable behaviour. I love observing improvements like increased emotional closeness, especially when life has been particularly difficult for the client.

For me, the most rewarding outcomes of being a practicing Psychologist are noticing that people develop a better sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance.  I use my skills from a wide range of psychological interventions to assist my clients with learning new strategies, which improve their ability to navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

Being dedicated to empower my clients to live their lives fully and intentionally, is my main aim.

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