• MindfulCare Limited

Dr Anelia Haycock

Clinical Psychologist

  • Passionate about healthy family functioning
  • Passionate about emotional wellbeing

Welcome to MindfulCare

  • In Cambridge and its surrounding areas, psychological services are offered to meet the emotional, behavioural and interpersonal needs you may experience.  These professional service include children, adolescents, adults, as well as families and couples. 

    Extensive experience in Clinical Psychology is available to you as I specialise in child and adolescent mental health services too.

    I assure provision, in a safe and trusting environment, through evidence-based care to support you on your journey to personal well-being and secure relationships.


  • Assessments

    Psychological assessment, to understand the root of the problem and how to treat it for the individual, couple and/or family present.   It could potentially include clinical interviewing, clinical observations, collecting information in different settings, a range of psychological measures and/or psychometric testing.

  • Therapy

    • Individual therapy for adults, adolescents and children
    • Couple therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Family Based Treatment (FBT) for adolescents presenting with eating

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